Celebration of the Southern Province MSW Achievement

The collaborative effort of Southern Province local authorities, FMCG giants in the country and INSEE Ecocycle celebrated the achievement of delivering a sustainable solution for 1000MT of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable polythene and plastic waste from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) through co-processing.
INSEE Ecocycle, serving as a Producer Responsible Organization for the FMCG industries in the country coordinating with local authorities to provide sustainable solutions for Municipal Solid Waste, avoiding landfills, and contributing to a Circular Economy through material and energy recovery from the waste.

At Monrovia Estate in Hikkaduwa, a health and safety session was also held for waste site workers in order to improve their health and hygiene in parallel to this celebration.

In addition to the local authorities, representatives from Unilever Sri Lanka and Nestlé Sri Lanka along with the management team of Ecocycle, the event was also graced by high-level government officials in the Southern Province including the Governor, Chief Secretary, Chief Commissioner, Secretary-Chief Ministry and other officials of the local authorities.