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Environmental Solutions

Emergency Response

Emergency Response Services

Disasters can come in many forms – fire, flood, motor accidents, chemical spillage, and can befall an industry at any time. What is done beforehand to avoid such disasters and what is done after to manage the situation is crucial for the smooth continuation of business. INSEE Ecocycle is ready to help in both these possible situations

pre-emptive emergency management

The best way to manage disasters is to ensure that they do not occur at all. Our safety experts are capable of providing a variety of services focusing on emergency situation identification and prevention including:

  • Emergency response program assessment and consultation
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Emergency response training services
  • Permit required confined space hazard assessments

Reactive emergency response

Ecocycle is capable of quickly responding to industrial emergency situations to help mitigate further damage to the environment at large.

  • Environment remediation services
  • Chemical spill management
  • Permit required confined space attendants
  • Emergency Rescue Training standard operation procedure development
  • Specialized industrial rescue
  • Rescue services
  • High angle rope rescue

Value Added Services

INSEE Ecocycle now offers tailor-made solutions to best suit specific environmental requirements of the customers.

  • Total Waste Management Solutions

Ecocycle has developed sustainable partnerships with many local and international organizations to enable one stop solutions for all your waste management needs. Through total waste management solutions, Ecocycle will take over the burden of waste away from the company and manage it in an entirely environmentally-friendly manner.

  • Industrial Cleaning Services

Routine, outage and emergency industrial cleaning requirements are standard operational requirements for any manufacturing industry. Ecocycle is capable of responding to these requirements with technologically advanced mobile equipment and expert staff to clean process systems, avoid costly facility downtime, while increasing safety and protecting the environment.

  • Environmental Remediation Services

Ecocycle is capable of the removal of contaminants from soil, water, air or sediment, typically after a spill or other industrial accident.

  • Plant Turnaround Management Services

INSEE Ecocycle project managers will work closely work to plan and manage scheduled turnarounds (for equipment replacement/retooling, safety upgrades or other needs) for maximum safety, efficiency and productivity.

Training and Consultancy

Over the last 15 years, the INSEE Ecocycle team has acquired considerable knowledge and experience in the fields of industrial sustainability and occupational health and safety. This expertise is now made available to industries at large through various training and consultation solutions. Our experts can help you in the below areas.

  • Hazardous waste management
  • Waste minimization
  • Cleaner production systems
  • Laboratory best practices
  • Chemical safety
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Safety management systems
  • ISO certification
  • Regulatory approvals

Specialized Logistics

As a scheduled waste transportation license holder INSEE Ecocycle is capable of providing transportation and warehousing services to geographically dispersed customers for their hazardous waste transportation and storage needs. Ecocycle trucks and facilities are equipped with;

  • Customized vehicles: secondary containment, side loading facility, seepage collection mechanism, rain water seeping out mechanism
  • Documentation: license requirement, labeling
  • CCTV monitoring: weigh bridge services
  • SAP facilitated logistics: SMS communication, packaging weight correction
  • Emergency preparedness
  • GPS Services