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Waste Disposal

The professional, end-to-solutions of INSEE Ecocycle relieve industries in Sri Lanka from the burden of waste, providing them ‘peace of mind’, with a wide range of services.

Final Disposal through Co-Processing

Co-processing in cement kilns is now globally recognized as one of the preferred methods to safely dispose of a wide range of hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Co–Processing is a technology used for thermal destruction of hazardous wastes. It is a combination of two processes undertaken simultaneously without disturbing to either processes. It is also superior to land filling and incineration, as it offers a complete solution with no residue.

Environmental advantages of Co-Processing

  • High cement kiln gas temperatures (over 1800°C) at high residual time (up to 5 seconds) – represent ideal conditions for virtually completing the destruction of any organic material.
  • Inherent cleaning of gases using lime (a basic ingredient of cement).
  • No waste residue (total incorporation of ash into finished product).
  • By using the waste material in the production of cement as a replacement to coal, this assists in reducing the CO2 emission which is a major cause of Global Warming.

Advantages of Co-Processing to Companies

  • Assurance of complete thermal destruction of waste
  • Reduction in liability and risk to corporate reputation, helping to enhance their regulatory compliance

Advantages of Co-Processing to Communities

  • Reduction in the amount of raw waste going to open dump
  • Preserving energy sources for future generations
  • Creating job opportunities


Some types of waste cannot be directly destroyed in the cement kilns, but must undergo a preparation process. The transformation of wastes to homogeneous forms requires certain standards. This step produces a waste product with defined characteristics that complies with the technical specifications of cement production and guarantees that environmental standards are met. The pre-processing plant usually stores incoming waste and encompasses grinding, mixing, and homogenization processes.

Security for branded waste

INSEE Ecocycle ensures 100% product security, especially for branded products. Both the Pre-Processing Facility at Katunayake and the Co-Processing platform at Puttalam are fully equipped with the required security measures, inclusive of CCTV cameras, GPS monitoring etc.