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Commitment to Sustainable Development

Our commitment in responsibly managing the use of natural resources through re-use and renewal while minimising the impact of our operations on the environment has been the secret of our success. We are indeed proud of our achievements in improving industrial environmental footprints across a wide range of industries in Sri Lanka.

Our sustainability and overall corporate objectives are based on a three-pronged accountability strategy of Economic, Environmental and Social Responsibility.

Economic Responsibility

Bearing both a direct and indirect impact on our stakeholders we strive to enhance our year-on- year economic performance. This is done by improving our operational efficiency and performance through the more efficient use of our resources.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility and eco-efficiency is at the core of INSEE Ecocycle’s business. We work hand-in- hand with our customers to help them find sustainable solutions to their waste  management challenges to minimize the environmental footprint of their businesses.

Social Responsibility

At INSEE Ecocycle we strive to achieve social involvement through relationships with all our stakeholders – relationships based on mutual trust and respect as we work together to enhance our community.